“I am actress Choi Jung-yoon…I will make a statement regarding the movie Illegal Recording in which I appeared.”

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Actress Choi Jung-yoon apologized for illegally filming a movie screen.

Choi Jung-yoon / Choi Jung-yoon Instagram
Choi Jung-yoon / Choi Jung-yoon Instagram

On the 5th, Choi Jung-yoon posted a poster of the movie ‘Rebound’ on her Instagram and apologized, saying, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was illegal.”

Prior to that, she recommended watching ‘Rebound’ on her Instagram, saying, “This emotion seems like it will last for a long time. My heart became so moist and hot after a long time.”

Comment on Choi Jung-yoon's Instagram / Choi Jung-yoon Instagram
Comment on Choi Jung-yoon’s Instagram

In response to a comment from a netizen saying, “You must feel unjust because the ending credits are up,” Choi Jung-yoon explained, “I didn’t know. I didn’t know because I was taking care of my child and found out after receiving a call from a friend. I won’t make this mistake again in the future.”

On the same day, Choi Jung-yoon’s agency, Parkplus Entertainment, also explained, “The actress realized it was her mistake and immediately took down the post. She seemed to be too focused on promoting the movie.”

Prior to this incident, Choi Jung-yoon had posted a photo of the screen from the ‘Rebound’ preview at a movie theater on her social media.

Article 104-6 of the Copyright Act states that no one can record or broadcast video works protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner while they are being shown in a movie theater, among other places.

As criticism of her illegal filming continued, Choi Jung-yoon deleted the problematic photo and apologized.

Choi Jung-yoon made her debut in 1996 with the SBS drama ‘Beautiful She.’ She has been active on screen, with appearances in 11 movies including ‘Father’, ‘Scissors’, ‘Phone’, ‘Radio Star’, ‘That Voice’, ‘I Am a Dad’, ‘Miss Gold Digger’, and ‘Rebound.’

Rebound Main Poster / Provided by Bareunsoney&N
Rebound Main Poster / Provided by Bareunsoney&N

Meanwhile, ‘Rebound’ tells the story of the miraculous eight-day journey of the basketball team from Busan Jungang High School, which was rated as the worst team in the national high school basketball tournament in 2012. Choi Jung-yoon made a special appearance as Gibum’s mother.

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