“I live alone” “EXO” Kai unveiled room for the first time … What is your daily life in the 4th month of living alone?

In MBC’s “I Live Alone (Happy Life of a Single Man)”, Kai of “EXO”, who has been living alone for the first time in 4 months, appears for the first time, and his daily life is depicted.

In MBS’s “I Live Alone” to be broadcasted in South Korea on the 20th, Kai’s first room tour, will be unveiled. We are planning to show a house that has the romance of living alone for the first time with an integrated structure that is open everywhere, with a sensuous “drawing paper interior” completed with point furniture on pure white wallpaper.

In addition, a special dress room for tops and bottoms and a closet for pajamas will be opened to the public to show a special “love for clothes”, he continues to change clothes and hold a “single fashion show”. Carefully select everything from hats to accessories to make to give a serious look. Kai’s autumn fashion sense, which has a mature feel stimulates curiosity.

On the other hand, a large number of clothes with tags still attached appeared in a large dressing room. Kai was very worried because he confessed that he had a lot of love for clothes and showed off his special fashion philosophy.

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