[iKON] BOBBY’s message of support to former member B.I (Han-bin) Solo gets mixed reviews (Why don’t you contact him privately?) True friendship?

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iKON BOBBY proudly supports former member B.I’s solo

Former iKON member B.I., who left the group due to a drug scandal, has received various opinions as “BOBBY’s official support” for the release of his new song.

When B.I released the first single “Got It Like That” on the 14th, BOBBY posted a PR for the new song on his SNS yesterday (16th).

BOBBY wrote “let’s go” and B.I responded to his comment with a heart.

This is not the first time they have communicated with each other since they left the group. In the past four months, BOBBY posted a video of him and B.I on stage, and showed their unchanging love for each other by saying, “I miss you, happy birthday.”

Although there were some critical opinions about these actions, BOBBY’s act of sending a message of support to B.I through social networking service (SNS), which can be seen by many people, has attracted various opinions on the Internet.

<Netizen opinions.>

Why don’t you contact them privately and support him?

I don’t understand why they would dare to show off their friendship to their fans and the world.

What’s wrong with a friend supporting a friend?

I’m not saying that you should insulate yourself from them, but just keep your relationship private.

By officially supporting them, you’re helping to promote the criminals.

We’re in the middle of Mnet’s “Kingdom,” and you should refrain from proudly supporting a former member who is involved in criminal activities.


Shouldn’t a one-time mistake be enough to get a second chance?

The entertainment industry is too lenient, criminals “relapse” too quickly.

Just talk about it on KakaoTalk.

The supportive attitude to be visible to the public tells us that they don’t recognize B.I’s reason for leaving as a “crime

Proof of true friendship

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