iKON’s BOBBY’s 2nd solo full album “LUCKY MAN” No. 1 on iTunes in Japan!

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iKON’s BOBBY has proven his unchanging popularity in Japan.

BOBBY’s 2nd solo full album “LUCKY MAN” won 1st place on the album charts of Japan iTunes K-POP section and pop section on the 26th. The overall album chart ranking also steadily improved, rising to 2nd place at one point, and are expecting future success.

BOBBY is a member of iKON, a group that is very popular in Japan. iKON won the No. 1 on the Oricon chart at the same time as its debut, and won the rookie award at the “Japan Golden Disc Award” and the “Japan Record Award” in the same year, causing a boom. In addition, “iKON JAPAN TOUR 2019” has exceeded the cumulative total of 1 million spectators on the tour.

BOBBY’s 2nd full-length album is the first new song for fans in about a year since iKON’s mini-album “i DECIDE”, which won the 1st place in the Japanese iTunes general album in February last year. As it is BOBBY’s solo album, his musical ability is attracting attention again.

BOBBY’s 2nd solo full album “LUCKY MAN” is gaining popularity not only in Japan but all over the world. “LUCKY MAN” won the 1st place on the iTunes worldwide album chart on the first day of its release on the 25th. By region, it ranked first in 12 countries including Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Ireland and Turkey. In addition, iTunes in the United States, Brazil, and Spain has also risen to the top.

The title song “U MAD” also topped the iTunes song charts of five countries. In addition to the title song, many recorded songs such as “Rainning” have succeeded in charting in and have gained a lot of support.

The title song “U MAD” of BOBBY’s 2nd solo full album is a song written and composed by BOBBY himself in the hope that everyone will receive the energy that overflows when listening to the song. The addictive chorus that makes use of the familiar melody exchange is impressive, and the intense and bold rap peculiar to BOBBY captivates listeners.

After the release, fans all over the world said, “All songs are as good as the title song. The value of the album doubles when you listen to the whole album.” “As time goes by, BOBBY becomes darker.” “BOBBY It continues to be well received, such as “unique music”.

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