Illegal streaming site ‘Nunutiv’ continues to upload latest works despite police warning.

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The illegal video streaming site ‘Nunutiv’ continues to publish the latest works despite warnings from the police.

Netflix's 'Gil Bok Soon' unreleased still cut / below is Netflix's official Instagram
Netflix’s ‘Kill Boksoon’ unreleased still cut / below is Netflix’s official Instagram

The police are monitoring Nunutiv, which is causing an uproar by officially releasing Netflix’s hit show ‘Kill Boksoon’ on their website. ‘Kill Boksoon’ was uploaded to Nunutiv’s website within a day of its official release by Netflix.

Earlier last month, the Cyber Crime Investigation Division of the Busan Police Agency initiated an investigation into the operator of the Nunutiv site. The police are pursuing the suspect through cooperation with related agencies and international authorities.

Despite the situation, Nunutiv has brazenly revealed the most talked-about work, ‘Kill Boksoon’. This is practically mocking the response of the authorities and the affected OTT companies.

Unrelated stock photo /
Unrelated stock photo /

Furthermore, on the 4th of this month, according to industry sources, Nunutiv continues to offer some of the 169 contents of the domestic OTT company that pledged permanent deletion. Nunutiv is also offering Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ and Disney Plus’ ‘Casino’, which are not included in the deletion list, for free. ‘The Glory’ appeared on the Nunutiv site 30 minutes after it was released on Netflix, causing controversy.

On the 5th, the Ministry of Science and ICT, announced that it had established a cooperative system with telecom providers, including KT and SK Telecom, to block Nunutiv’s URL once a day. The Ministry of Science and ICT is expected to strengthen administrative measures to block the URL once a day from next week.

Last December, the Ministry of Science and ICT requested that ISPs block access to Nunutiv’s URL to prevent damage to other OTT companies. Since January of this year, it has established a joint system with the Korea Radio Promotion Association and business operators to track and block Nunutiv’s URL regularly.

Nunutiv is an illegal online video streaming site that was established in 2021. It is currently run on servers in the Dominican Republic. The total number of video views as of last month was 1.538 billion, which is a serious problem. They are reported to generate significant revenue through their own advertising effect, which is connected to gambling sites around the world.

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