“In the army” Park Bo-gum, the military releases a recent photo … Shaved figure & a refreshing smile that does not change

Photo = National Defense Daily

Park Bo-gum, who is in military service, has released the latest status.

The National Defense Daily is 16 On the day, Park Bo-gum, who works for the Navy’s military band, ceremonial battalion, and public relations team. Bo-gum’s first issue 56 Anniversary celebration message has been released.

He said, “Winning! I’m Park Bo-gum, the Navy’s first class soldier. I sincerely celebrate the first issue of the National Defense Daily 56. I would like to say that I joined the Navy in August and read the Defense Daily for the first time. Through the Defense Daily, I was able to get in touch with various news about defense and the appearance of my comrades working in various regions to gain an understanding of the military. I was able to deepen and foster pride as a soldier. ”

Continuing, “I’m looking forward to the Defense Daily, which will continue to convey useful information and news to our soldiers. The launch of the Defense Daily again 2154762 Congratulations on the anniversary and prays for the health of all military officers. Congratulations. ”

Park Bo-gum, who joined the army on August 31, served as a Navy cultural public relations officer. There is. The movie “Xu Fuku”, which he finished shooting before joining the army, will be released in the month 12.

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