INFINITE Dongwoo makes a surprise appearance right after his discharge! Reunited with fans at Sungkyu’s concert “I’m glad to finally meet you”

Photo = Newsen DB

Dongwoo of INFINITE, who was recently discharged and made a surprise appearance at the concert to support Sungkyu.

DongWoo is a guest at Sungkyu’s online concert “THE DAY” held on the day 15 with Sungyeol.

On the same day, DongWoo said, “June 9th was INFINITE’s 10 anniversary. I was hospitalized because of inflammation. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend the event, and I’m very happy to finally meet the fans. ”

Then, he smiled happily, saying, “It’s the same as two years ago. I really wanted to meet you. I’m glad you warmly welcomed me.”

He also mentioned life in the military. Dong-woo said, “When I first joined the army, I thought it would be the shooting site for a variety show when I woke up. I thought I’d go home early, but I was in the military all the time. It was hard.”

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