INFINITE L & former HELLOVENUS Nara and others appear, new drama “secret royal inspector” preview poster premiere

Photo = I WILL Media

“Secret Royal Inspector: Korean Secret Investigation Team” (hereinafter, “Dark” The notice poster of “History of the Line”) was released for the first time.

First broadcast in Korea 12 on Monday 21 KBS 2TV New Moon Fire Drama “Secret Royal Inspector” (Director: Kim Jong Min, Screenplay: Park Sung Hoon, Kang Min Sung, Production: I WILL Media) corrects fraudulent corruption and confronts fraudulent people It is a secret royal inspector of the Korean era royal secret royal inspector and a thrilling comical mystery of his history that relieves regret.

Song Yi-gyeom (INFINITE L), a newcomer secret royal inspector who has lived a splendid double life as a bureaucrat and a gambler, and a tea mother (Tamo = government office) with spirit and driving force Hong Dain (formerly HELLOVENUS Nara) and Song Yi Kyum’s best friend and servant Park Chun Sam (Lee Yi Kyung) suddenly join the “Korean Secret Investigation Team” and show off their exciting activities. That’s why interest has been gathering from early on.

Today (16) The notice poster released in the straw seems to be conducting a secret investigation. The figures of El, Nala, and Lee Yi Kyung hiding in are included. The three people, who are secretly observing the scene of the incident, hold their breath and fix their eyes in one place, expecting a dazzling teamwork with a hit-and-miss appearance.

Before being reborn as a “history partner” who boasts a perfect match, in the drama, Song Yi-gyeom and Hong Dain meet with each other like a bad relationship, and the chemistry is messed up every time. It is said to show compatibility with the other party). There is growing interest in the first broadcast of how they will come together in a world of injustice.

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