IOI native Kim Chung-ha releases preview video of new song “Bicycle” MV … Dark charisma

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Photo = MNH Entertainment
The music video trailer for the new song by Kim Chung-ha from IOI has been released.

Kim Chung-ha released a music video preview video of her title song “Bicycle” from her 1st full album “Querencia” through her official SNS at 0:00 on the 8th, raising expectations for a comeback.

The released preview video sensuously incorporates unique color lighting, original and gorgeous jewelry that seizes the screen, dark charm only for Chung Ha, and a strong look, which attracts the eyes. The attention-grabbing beat of “Bicycle” once again caught the listeners’ ears and stimulated their curiosity.

Kim Chung-ha’s 1st full-length album title song “Bicycle” is an R & B pop trap genre that develops with the intense fuzz guitar sound of the intro, and is a number that expresses the excitement and strong energy at the moment of pedaling. .. Kim Chung-ha participated in the lyrics directly and tells a story unique to her to show her irreplaceable presence.

Prior to this, Kim Chung-ha released a total of four part-specific “SIDE” preview videos and “Audio Snippet” of “NOBLE”, “SAVAGE”, “UNKNOWN”, and “PLEASURES” to appeal the legendary scale. With a total of 21 songs on the album unveiled, music fans are becoming more interested in “Querencia,” which shows her musical growth and ability.

Kim Chung-ha will release her 1st full-length album “Querencia” throughmusic distribution sites at 6 pm on the 15th.

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