ITZY launches “ITZY Voltage Challenge” on TikTok to celebrate the release of their first original Japanese single “Voltage”!

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The younger sister of Asia’s strongest girl group “TWICE”, the five-member group debuted in Korea on February 2019 from JYP Entertainment, which also produced other hit bands such as “2PM”, “TWICE”, “Stray Kids”, and “NiziU”.

To celebrate the release of their first original Japanese single “Voltage”, the “ITZY Voltage Challenge,” a TikTok hashtag challenge project, will begin at 1 pm on March 31.

Voltage” is ITZY’s first original single in Japan, which was released as a music video and distributed on March 23. The song is compares itself to “Voltage” and expresses the desire to move forward with full of energy.

The hashtag challenge will be posted on the ITZY OFFICIAL TikTok account. We are looking for videos that will “Voltage Up” both dancers and viewers with cute, cool, and free style, referring to ITZY’s dance videos. In addition, a limited number of 10 participants will receive an autographed checkerboard of ITZY as a present. The hashtag challenge will run until April 14 at 23:59.

We hope you will pay close attention to ITZY’s first original song in Japan and participate in the hashtag challenge!

◆「ITZY Voltage Challenge」 TikTok Hashtag Challenge Page

release information

April 6, 2022
ITZY JAPAN 1st Single『Voltage』Release

『Voltage』ジャケット写真 通常盤

『Voltage』Cover photo Normal Edition


ITZY’s first original Japanese song “Voltage” MV released! Speedy, energetic music and powerful dance are a must-see!

March 23, 2022

ITZY リア(左)、IVE リズ、ウォニョン、イソ

ITZY Leah praises the singing voice of a certain member! Who is the member that Leah praised as having a “very beautiful voice”?

March 21, 2022

ITZY リュジン(左)
ITZY リュジン(左)、Billlie ムンスア(右)
ITZY イェジ

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