ITZY, title track “MA.FI.A In the morning” MV has surpassed 100 million views…

Photo=JYP Entertainment

ITZY’s new song “MA.FI.A In the morning” music video has surpassed 100 million views. This is the fifth music video that has surpassed 100 million views.

The title track of the mini album “GUESS WHO” released on April 30, “MA.FI.A In the morning”, surpassed 100 million views on YouTube at around midnight 33 minutes on May 23. It took 22 days, 11 hours, and 33 minutes for the video to reach 100 million views, beating the previous record of 41 days and 50 minutes for “Not Shy” and becoming the shortest record for the group. With this, the girls have released their debut songs “DALLA DALLA”, “ICY”, “WANNABE”, “Not Shy”, “MA.FI.A In the morning” and showed their presence as the “representative girl group of the 4th generation”.

Recently, ITZY performed the song “Sorry Not Sorry” on various music programs, starting with Mnet’s “M COUNTDOWN” on the 20th to answer the love of their fans. Wearing school uniforms, the girls showed off their girl-crush charm and perfected their strong performance, showing once again their presence as “stage craftsmen” that they have maintained since their debut.

The limited edition album of the new album “GUESS WHO” was available for pre-order from the 17th, and all the prepared albums were sold out, boasting high popularity.

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