ITZY wins No. 1 on “SBS Inkigayo”… and NCT DREAM & ONEUS comeback stage

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Photo = SBS “Inkigayo” broadcast screen capture

ITZY appeared on SBS “Popular Music” today (March 16) with their new song “Ma.Fi.A In The Morning”, they beat Highlight’s “Blowing” and Brave Girls’ “We Ride” to take first place.

Leader Yeji said, “I’m truly grateful that the album that so many people have worked hard on has been loved by so many people. We will continue to work hard to become a beloved singer. Thank you very much.”

After saying “thank you”, the members showed off their excellent live performance skills.

Mckdaddy, BLITZERS, DARK, HOT ISSUE, P1Harmony, ENHYPEN, ONEUS, AB6IX, NCT DREAM, Space Girl THE BLACK, ITZY, ONF, OH MY GIRL, and Highlight appeared on the “Popular Song” broadcast that day.

In particular, NCT DREAM showed a brilliant comeback stage with the title song “Hot Sauce” from their 1st full album “Hot Sauce”.

ONEUS also announced their comeback with the title song “BLACK MIRROR” from their 5th mini album “BINARY CODE”.

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