IU Reaches No. 1 on the Idol Chart! Proving her overwhelming popularity

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Singer IU took first place in the Idol Chart “Acha Ranking” for the fourth week of April.

In the “Acha Ranking” for the fourth week of April (21.4.26~21.5.2) on the idol chart released today (April 7), she ranked first with 13,049 total points, including 3,045 for music, 8,068 for YouTube, and 1,926 for social.

In April, she had 4 songs in the top 10 including “LILAC,” “Celebrity,” “Coin,” and “Hold My Hand,” and 15 songs in the top 100, showing once again her power as Korea’s representative “Queen of Sound.

Second place went to SG WANNABE with a total of 9330 points. Next was Brave Girls (7726 total points), BTS (5647 total points), Lim Young-woong (4064 total points), BLACKPINK (3472 total points), STAYC (2900 total points), IZ*ONE (2470 total points), THE BOYZ (2310 total points) SHINee (total of 2093 points) were ranked.

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