Jae-joong first appeared on “Happy! Bomby Girl” broadcast on November 17th … Introducing a great deal in Korea! Comments also arrived

Asian star Jae-joong will appear for the first time in the “Happy! Bomby Girl” 2-hour special broadcast on November 17th at 9 pm!

Once the rent was 10,000 yen! Asian star Jae-joong, who spent the era of underlaying in a very narrow property called “Koshiwon” and now lives in a property of hundreds of millions of yen in Seoul, introduces a great deal in Korea!

The world is truly the 4th Korean wave, such as the worldwide hit of the movie “Parasite Semi-Underground Family” and the birth of NiziU, a girl group that has been attracting a lot of attention even before its debut, with the comprehensive production of famous Korean producer JY Park. In the middle of the boom! Now that the world is intoxicated with Korean entertainment, the number of immigrants from overseas is increasing rapidly in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, just like New York and Paris! In the program, I decided to move because of a dream that can only be fulfilled in Korea, and I am closely related to the Korean migration life of Mr. Shika, who lives in a semi-underground apartment that appeared in the movie “Parasite”!

The Korean property that is attracting attention from all over the world is now a world-class star representing Asia! Jae-joong, who lives in a property of hundreds of millions of yen in Seoul, will introduce it.

The first property that Jae-joong went to was the much talked about semi-underground property. There are three doors in the room, despite the beautiful property that overturns the image of the semi-underground property seen in the movie “Parasite”! ?? Surprisingly low rent property though it is large!

Introducing another property in “Huam-dong”, right next to Seoul Station. This “Huam-dong” is a popular city for young Koreans, with many fashionable cafes and spots that have become the location of that popular drama. Moreover, Jae-joong was very excited about the property to be introduced, saying, “Ottappan! I wanted to live once in my life!” What is a cheap property of “Ottappan” where you can enjoy such a superb view! ??

Comments have arrived from Jae-joong, who participated in the Bonbi Girl location for the first time! “I heard that the number of Bonbi girls migrating to South Korea is increasing, and I, Jae-joong, who is in Seoul, have been investigating the latest cheap properties in Seoul! It became the stage of the” Itaewon Class “that became a hot topic this year. A spectacular property in the city! I’m talking about a lot of nostalgic episodes where I lived in a property with a rent of 10,000 yen when I was just 15 years old in Seoul. Please watch it at 9 o’clock tonight. ”

In addition, Tokyo is closely related to Bonbi Girl “Reina” who wants to open a property with a rent of 0 yen in Okutama! The appearance of the house of Izumi Mori is finally complete! What is the key to building a house cheaply despite its insanely fashionable appearance?

■ Program information
“Happy! Bomby Girl”
Scheduled for Tuesday, November 17, 2020 from 21:00 to 22:54

Progress: Gekidan Hitori, Announcer Mizuto Asami (NTV Announcer)
Panelists: Koji Uematsu, Taizo Sugimura, Sawa Suzuki, DAIGO, Harisenbon, Izumi Mori Special Studio Guest: Kohei Matsushita Special VTR Reporter: Jae Jun

■ Related site Program official website: https://www.ntv.co.jp/bonbi/

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