Jessi is hospitalized for enteritis … Insta drip photos are worrisome

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Photo = Instagram of Jessi

Jessi has released a photo taken at the hospital.

On the 19th, Jessi posted several photos of IVs taken through his Instagram.

Comments such as “Every XXXXXX day”, “6 days in a row”, and “How” were added to the drip photos. She appears to have been to the hospital for six consecutive days.

And today (20th), Jessi’s agency P NATION said, “Jessi was hospitalized for enteritis. Currently, she is devoting herself to recovery,” but fans are worried.

Jessi has recently appeared on the cable channel Mnet “CAP-TEEN”, and last year she worked on refund expedition for the project group, and had a busy schedule.

Recently, she won the Best Solo Artist Award at the “35th Golden Disc Award” held.

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