Jessica’s Birthday Party with BLACKPINK Jennie? Interest in the unexpected friendship (with video)

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Photo=YouTube Channel “Jessica Jung” Capture

Jessica Jung revealed her unexpected connections through her birthday party.

On the 21st, Jessica posted “VLOG | My Birthday Happy Birthday VLOG” on her YouTube channel ‘Jessica Jung’.

In the video, she had a birthday party with her sister, Krystal of f(x), model Ayrin and other acquaintances and had a great time. Jessica had her fifth birthday party with a woman. Jessica called this woman “Nini”.

Jessica called this woman “Nini” and her cute cheeks and hair were shown in the video. Sister, can you tell who I am just by looking at my cheekbones? She said, showing off her adorable charm. After that, she spoke with Jessica naturally in English.

Photo=YouTube Channel “Jessica Jung” Capture
Jessica looked at her hair and laughed, “I think (everyone) will understand when they see this.” The two of them ate delicious food together and made hearts with their hands, showing off their close friendship.

As soon as the video was uploaded, there were many posts on YouTube and in the online community speculating that the woman was Jenny from BLACKPINK. Netizens left comments such as, “They have the same French teacher,” “Why do they get along so well,” and “Everyone can see Jenny.

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