Jo Woo-jong & ex-GFRIEND Yerin selected as MCs for new variety show ‘Catch Job’!

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Talent Jo Woo-jong and former GFRIEND member Yerin will be the MCs of MBN’s new variety show, “CATCH JOB”

CATCH JOB,” which will start airing in Korea on February 27, is a recruitment audition program that matches people with workplaces. The show’s motto is to break away from the conventional hiring method where companies unilaterally select employees and to introduce job hunters to companies that will help them realize their dreams and companies to the people they need.

Jo Woo-jong and Yerin have been selected as MCs, and they will play an active role in matching as many people as possible with companies as part of the matching division that connects the nine job hunters on the show with three companies: GS Retail (distribution), Korea Pizza Hut (food service), and IN&MC (entertainment). 

Jo Woo-jong will be leading the show as the general manager. He will use his past experience on “MC Survival” to show his true value as an MC who understands the feelings of job hunters and is more “serious about matching” than anyone else. Yerin, who has been loved for her cheerful energy on various variety shows, is expected to bring life to the show as the first passionate employee.

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