Jung Sung-Il Teases New Look for Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ Part 2

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*This article contains content related to the drama storyline.

Photo = “Harpers BAZAAR KOREA”

Actor Jung Sung-il has announced that he will return as the 180-degree-changed Ha Do-young in “The Glory” Season 2.

Recently, the fashion magazine “Harpers BAZAAR” released a photogravure and interview featuring Jung Sung-il in his second prime as Ha Do-young in “The Glory.

This pictorial is based on the concept of the monologues of the actors on the stage of the play, and depicts Jung Sung Il’s cool and intense image.

In the interview that followed the shoot, Ha Do Young’s appearance in “The Glory” Season 2 unfolded with spoilers. He said, “The first words that come to mind are anger and despair. There is a scene where Ha Do-young spews his anger at Yong-jin. He also revealed that Ha Do-yeon’s poker face, which he couldn’t grasp in Season 1, will be revealed in Season 2, raising expectations for Season 3.

Do you like me?” When asked about the most difficult line in the script by screenwriter Kim Eun-sook, who has written such famous lines as “You’re in here,” and “Baby, let’s go together,” he replied, “It’s the line, ‘ZEGNA, VERSACE’, I just finished everything. It’s a line that could be perceived as uncomfortable, so I took care to convey it as plainly and clearly as possible. The great thing about The Glory’s scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook is that she is able to use lines that could be unnatural or uncomfortable with the slightest difference, but she is able to use them naturally in the right place at the right time.
Also, when asked why he has never taken a break from acting since debuting in 2007, he said, “I love acting. While doing so, I participated in performances that I could do with the support project as much as possible, and I somehow managed not to take a break from acting because I might have a chance. Actually, at the time of my debut, I entered the office, appeared on the program, and was in front of people. I just wanted to stand up, but looking back, I’m glad I didn’t. If I had been in the spotlight at the time, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Students go through university, graduate school, master’s, and doctoral programs. Just like studying after going through a career, performing for me was a learning experience,” he said, revealing his special affection for acting.

For more information on Jung’s pictoral and interview, please check the March issue of “Harpers BAZAAR,” its website, and Instagram.

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