K-pop star An Yu-jin chosen as the sole model for mainstream alcohol brand.

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IVE’s An Yu-jin has been selected as the new model for a major beverage brand.

An Yu-jin, chosen as the model for a beverage brand / Provided by Lotte Chilsung Beverage
An Yu-jin, chosen as the model for a beverage brand / Provided by Lotte Chilsung Beverage

“The TV commercial for ‘Lemon Sparkling Lemonjin’ featuring An Yu-jin has been released, and she has been selected as the model,” Lotte Chilsung Beverage said on the 7th.

An Yu-jin’s first Lemonjin advertisement consists of a TV commercial emphasizing the refreshing taste of fresh lemons and a digital advertisement with the concept of “Never Ending” freshness.

In the released commercial, in a white dress, An Yu-jin is sitting on a lemon on the wide sea against the sky where pinkness fades away and performs a refreshing expression, easily catching the eyes of viewers.

While holding a bright yellow lemon in her hand and striking a pose, An Yu-jin exuded the “juicy flavor” that is as fresh and light as a lemon, and with her captivating gaze and refreshing smile, she sparked an explosive response.

As beverage models are considered an indicator of popular stars, An Yu-jin is currently active in various fields, including as a singer, entertainer, and MC.

Lotte Chilsung Beverage said, “We believed that An Yu-jin’s fresh and lively image goes well with the characteristics of the product that emphasize the taste of lemons,” and revealed the reason for selecting a new advertising model.

An Yu-jin will continue to engage in various campaign activities as the model for Lemonjin following this selection news.

Meanwhile, An Yu-jin’s group IVE will release their first full-length album ‘I’ve IVE’ on the 10th and make a comeback in the music scene.

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