Kang Daniel from Wanna One will make a comeback on February 16th!

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Photo = KONNECT Entertainment

Kang Daniel from Wanna One is finally back.

Kang Daniel announced a full-scale comeback by releasing the first preview video through the official SNS of KONNECT Entertainment at 0:00 on the 2nd.

The last number released on the rapidly changing screen was “2021.2.16”, implying a comeback date. Last year, he officially returned for the first time in 6 months since his mini album “MAGANTA”.

The 10-second preview video left a short but strong impression. Looking at the emptiness in the red background, it is eye-catching to see him lying down and holding his head. The gentle whistling sound also tickles your ears. Expectations are rising, leaving a strong lingering sound from the preview video that will be the first hint of the comeback.

After declaring as a solo artist, Kang Daniel has surpassed 1 million album sales, showing his unique presence. Last year, he announced the beginning of the “COLOR” series and released mini albums “CYAN” and “MAGENTA” one after another, impressing the music world.

Kang Daniel will release various preview videos one after another before the release, and will unveil the code hidden in the comeback one by one.

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