Kang Ye-bin reveals her beauty secrets… showing off her toned and beautiful body

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Photo=”KWAVE X”

Actress Kang Ye-bin participated in the gravure of the magazine “KWAVE X” for the campaign to overcome corona blue (a word combining the new corona virus and blue meaning depression).

The theme of this gravure shoot was “Inner”, which means to concentrate and listen to the inner sound, and included Kang Ye-bin, who is famous for her thorough self-discipline, concentrating on Pilates method for body balance and inner peace.

In the photogravure, she showed a professional look with a relaxed expression while perfectly performing a challenging Pilates pose. She is wearing a sporty fashion that emphasizes her lean body line and flexible silhouette, proving that she has a unique and independent presence with both loveliness and sexiness.

In the photo shoot, she wore a white shirt and a black shirt with a white background. You can also check out  some more photos on KWAVE X’s Instagram.

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