KARA’s Jiyoung and Youngji admire a Japanese izakaya

Photo=KBS 2TV’s “Battle Trip 2”

KARA’s Jiyoung and Youngji have revealed their drunken appearance at a Japanese izakaya.

On KBS 2TV’s recently aired “Battle Trip 2” in Korea, the two planned a trip to Osaka.

On the last night of their trip, the two went to an izakaya where the food was cooked in front of them. They said they would only eat a little bit because they were already full, but they ended up ordering more and more dishes, including grilled stingray.

After toasting with beer, the two ate the grilled stingray first. Youngji commented “it tastes like butter-grilled squid.”

Youngji, who tasted the grilled butter potatoes, evaluated them, saying “the potatoes themselves don’t have much taste, but they have a charcoal aroma and are crispy and easy to eat.” Jiyoung, who tried the salt-grilled shrimp, praised it, saying “I really like shrimp. This is definitely at the top.”

Next, the two ate spicy cod roe cheese, foil-grilled enoki mushrooms, and butter-grilled scallops. After drinking beer and masu sake, they began to get drunk. Son Shigyung laughed and said, “this is the effect of alcohol on humans,” as he watched the two become high and even hug each other.

Youngji exclaimed, “As long as we have alcohol, why are we so happy?” and Jiyoung, who was so drunk she couldn’t speak properly, elicited laughter.

Youngji rated the restaurant as “3 stars” and said, “this was the most delicious thing on our trip. I was very happy. I would like to come back to this course with the other members later.” Jiyoung confessed, “Although I lived in Tokyo for 5 years, I always thought ‘it would have been better if I could eat this with my friends’ whenever I ate something delicious. I’m glad I could come here with you.”

KARA held a fan meeting in Korea for the first time in about 9 years and said, “Please continue to watch over our future activities.” Jiyoung and Youngji enjoyed gourmet food during their trip to Kyoto and Osaka and felt the popularity of Japan (video available).

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