Kim Bum releases stills from his new drama “Law School”… as the best Brain

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Photo=. JTBC Studio, Studio Phoenix, Conghamdong House
For the first time, a smart visual of Kim Bum, who plays the role of the best brain in JTBC’s new drama “Law School,” has been released.

The new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Law School” (script: Seo In, director: Kim Seok-Yoon) on the general programming channel JTBC is a campus mystery that unfolds when the professors and students of Korea’s most prestigious law school gets involved in an unprecedented incident. The film depicts the process of reserve legal professionals understanding real law and justice through the bleak law school survival period of blood, sweat and tears. Kim Bum plays the role of Han Joon-hwi, the so-called (perfect son who can do anything), who is the top-ranked first-year law school student at Korea University.

In the still cut released today (2nd), we can see his campus life. The way he leads the atmosphere of learning while concentrating hard on the lecture is the very image of a serious 1st place student. Above all, his bright eyes, filled with determination to “become a prosecutor who can speak out loudly against those prosecutors who ignore the principles of law and justice,” show an imposing sense of supremacy.

The production team said, “Kim Bum, was so passionate about filming that he didn’t let go of the script, clearly portrayed the character of Han Joon-hwi with his own gentle charm. 

The show will start airing in April after ‘Sisyphus: The Myth’.

Reporter : Song Mi-kyung.

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