Kim Dong-jun, want to invite ZE:A to the preview? “The members always laugh when I do something …

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Photo = KBS 2TV “Entertainment Live” broadcast screen capture

Kim Dong-jun mentioned the members of ZE:A.

An interview with Kim Dong-jun, who starred in the movie “A Way Station” and Kim Jae-kyung, a former RAINBOW artist, was released on KBS 2TV “Entertainment Live” broadcasted in South Korea on the 29th.

The movie “A Way Station” is like a miracle drawn by a man, Song Seung-hyun (Kim Dong-jun), who loses his memory every day, and a woman, Jia (Jae-kyung), who has been sentenced to life to remain in his memory forever. It’s a love story of an encounter.

On this day, Jae-Kyung revealed answered the question, “Who would you like to invite if you could freely invite to the preview?” “The members of RAINBOW. They will criticize you the most.”

In response, Kim Dong-jun said, “That’s why I think about inviting ZE: A members. They’ll always laugh when I do something,” invoking laughter.

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