Kim Jae-hwan from Wanna One releases his new song “Burned All Black” (새까맣게)” today… Expectations for his outstanding singing ability.

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Photo=B.O.D Entertainment, SWING Entertainment

Kim Jae-hwan from Wanna One is teaming up with Korea’s top hit maker, Park Gun-tae, to release a new song.

Kim Jae-hwan’s new song “Burned All Black” (새까맣게)”,  will be released today (26th) at 6pm through various music distribution sites, is a lyrical ballad song about memories that seem to have been burnt pitch black after a breakup and the feelings of a man who misses those days and waits for his partner, expressed with Kim Jae-hwan’s unique appealing voice and great singing ability.

This time, the song was composed by Park Gun-tae, a composer who is one of the best hit makers in Korea, having composed T (Yoon Mire)’s “As Times Go By,” Cho PD’s “Friend,” SG WANNABE’s “Timeless,” Baek Chi Young’s “Not in Love,” etc., and BUZZ’s “Coward, Ha Dong Kyun’s ‘Please Love Her’, Lee Hyori’s ‘Toc Toc Toc’, and many other hit songs owned by Korea’s top lyricist Choi-gab-won worked together to create a song with a high degree of perfection sound that complements the wonderful voice of Kim Jae-hwan.

In particular, this album is a collaboration with Park Gun-tae, who is considered one of Korea’s top hit songwriters, raising expectations even higher. Earlier, Park Gun-tae launched a project named after him and has been entertaining listeners by collaborating with various musicians such as HYNN, Sam Kim, PENOMECO, J_ust, and Gaho , etc. He has been attracting attention to see if his latest collaboration with Kim Jae-hwan will be able to attract people.

Kim Jae-hwan, who recently released his third mini-album “Change” and has been very active with the title track “No Search”, has been participating in the production of songs for each album. He has been showing off his great musical abilities, performing a variety of genres of music and showing a clear presence as a male solo singer.

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