Kim Min-ji witnesses a daring kiss between an idol couple in the hallway of KBS?

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Photo=KBS Joy “Ssul-vival” broadcast screen capture

During the recent broadcast of KBS Joy’s variety show “Ssul-vival” in Korea, Kim Min-ji mentioned, “I don’t know much about idols, so I don’t know who they are, but ……”.

She continued, “That day was the day of the ‘Music Bank’ recording. There’s a door on the second floor of the broadcasting station, you know the big entrance. It’s next to the public hall. When you open that door, there’s a staircase to the second floor on your right. I saw them kissing there,” she confessed.

Hwang Bo Ra reacted with, “That’s so bold andthey can tell their children that they kissed within the building of KBS.”

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