Kim Young-cheol releases a two-shot with TVXQ Yunho “I love you cheerfully and seriously!”

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Photo = Kim Young-cheol Instagram

Comedian Kim Young-cheol meets TVXQ’s Yunho.

Kim Young-cheol wrote on his Instagram on the 28th, “# Passion Mansour and # Tension Mansour meet! Impressed by Yunho’s grandfather. Yunho-kun, I love you today because he is energetic, serious and sincere! Yo, Yunho! # Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM ”and posted a photo.

The released photo shows Kim Young-cheol and Yunho posing in front of the recording room of SBS Power FM “Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM”. Yunho appeared as a guest on “Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM” broadcasted in South Korea on that day and told us various stories.

Yunho has recently released his 2nd mini album “NOIR”

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