KNK celebrates 5th anniversary since debut with message of thanks to fans: “Thank you for loving us” (video)

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Photo by. 220 Entertainment

KNK celebrated the 5th anniversary of their debut on March 3 through their official SNS channel and released a greeting video and celebration to thank their fans.

KNK said through their agency, 220 Entertainment, “It’s so strange and amazing that it’s already been five years since our debut. Thank you so much for loving KNK for 5 years,” and expressed their gratitude toward fans whom have supported them for a long time.

They went on to say, “Last year, the whole world really had a tough year. We hope everyone will stay healthy this year. we have received a lot of strength thanks to the fans and will always moved by them. We will continue to give back to you and become and show you a good image. We love you”.

KNK debuted in 2016 with their debut song “KNOCK,” and have released songs such as “BACK AGAIN,” “Sun, Moon, Stars,” “LONELY NIGHT” and “RIDE.

KNK is loved as a “perfect artist” because all members are over 180cm tall, and they can write lyrics, compose music, sing, and perform.

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