Korean cosmetics brand “CLIO” has selected next breakout actress Go Min-si as a model!

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On January 29, 2021, the Korean cosmetics brand “CLIO” with the theme of “Street Confidence” selected the next breakout actress Go Min-si as a new model of the brand and released the 2021 photos.

Actress Go Min-si, who emerged as a next-generation star in the original series “Sweet Home” on “Netflix” broadcasted in South Korea on December last year and gained popularity, has a strong position as an actress with a presence and impressive acting that is not like a newcomer. It’s solidified “CLIO” is planning to be reborn as a trendier and more sensuous brand by using her as a model, who has a strong look and a dignified charm, to show off a different image than before.

When asked, “Who is the hottest rising star these days?”, Go Min-si is so popular that many people don’t hesitate to name her, so her overwhelming looks and versatile charm are “CLIO.” There are high expectations for what kind of synergies will occur when combined with.

Go Min-si has a strong presence with flawless skin and bright eye makeup.

Both the new cushions and eye shadows from “CLIO”, which produced Go Min-si’s flawless skin, will be launched in Korea and Japan at the same time in February 2021, and can be purchased at Qoo10 and Rakuten official malls in Japan.

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