Korea’s short track team was unexpectedly disqualified… From RM of BTS to TXT Taehyun, celebrities reacted in various ways.

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Hwang Dae-hong and Lee June-seo of the national short track team were disqualified in the semifinals of the 1000m at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics due to an unfair decision.

On the 7th, the semi-finals of the men’s 1000m short track event at the Beijing Capital Gymnasium in Beijing, China, were held. On the same day, Hwang Dae-hong finished first in the first set of semifinals and Lee June-seo finished second in the second set of semifinals, but were disqualified from the final line. The two were disqualified, and Chinese players such as Ren Zhiwei, Li Wenlong, and Wu Daoying will advance to the final.

Many celebrities who were watching the results left comments via social media. Actress Uhm Ji-won shared the live screen and said, “Terrible ……,” while MC Mong said, “I’m speechless. ALi posted the headline, “Let’s tell China to take all the medals,” and added, “It looks like the article has been deleted ……. Please don’t let this reporter write a background report,” he sympathized.

Actress Kim Ji-woo wrote, “I’m so disappointed with the decision on the short track. It seems like it doesn’t matter who the Olympic judges are. If that’s the case, why do they have video judging? Even a nine-year-old can’t understand this situation. Why is the only Korean athlete disqualified? The Chinese player who touched Hwang Dae-hong’s thigh didn’t even get a penalty? What is the standard? Are you guys not ashamed of yourselves? I’m so disappointed,” she said. “I was watching the short track and the anger inside me was about to explode. I wanted to say, ‘Damn it! But when I saw Raymon next to me, I pinched my thighs and tried to hold back.


Comedian Park Ji-sun said, “Hwang Dae-hong, Lee June-seo. The penalty is unacceptable. This is the worst Winter Olympics.” Park Hee-soon’s wife, Jeon Ye-ji, who watched the competition with him, also said, “I’m really angry. …… Haha…… really outrageous Olympics… …I’m so disappointed.

Comedian Kim Young-hee also said, “I got so pissed off that I turned off the TV. The culture is fake, the judges are fake,” he said, consoling the Korean athletes, saying, “All the athletes did their best. He also shared the parody image and said, “If we overtake China, we are eliminated. Even if we beat China, we will be eliminated. The culture is fake, and the judges are also fake,” he said, revealing his anger once again.

Click-B’s Kim Sang-hyuk said, “Wow, it’s terrible. I’ve been struggling with the judging ……4 for years. Wow, this is the Olympics. It’s a mess.” Choi Rin-ah criticized, “Oh, …… I’m so mad I’m going crazy. I’m so mad, I’m going crazy. How can we overtake them more beautifully, the judges? Comedian Kim Ji-min was angry at the judges for making biased decisions, saying, “I want an eye test, I want an ophthalmologist recommendation,” while Shin Bong-sun said, “What? What? What? she looked unconvinced by the unfair decision.

Lee Seong Mi said, “Oh, my God! I’m so mad! What? Oh, really! Oh Ji Hong, a comedian, said, “I was going to name the three Chinese in the final. I can see the result. I thought it was judo,” he said sarcastically. Lyricist Kim Eana, who posted a stamp of a particularly angry face, responded to a Chinese netizen’s comment that “the judges were fair,” saying, “Cute typo. It’s a cute typo.”


The idol members also reacted. Johyun, formerly of Berry Good, said, “Incourse marking? Incourse marking is something you do like this without using your hands. ……” she pointed out the inappropriate action of the Chinese player who intentionally touched his thigh in the process of overtaking Hwang Dae-hong.

Kim Ha-young captured and uploaded the definition of “sportsmanship” and said, “I support all the athletes who are fighting hard in the place where they broke the Olympic principles. Is it worth it and proud to win a gold medal like that? I would be embarrassed. Because the whole world is talking about it. Korean athletes, please don’t get hurt,” she commented.

Former TAHITI member Jisoo, said, “It was really more interesting than any comedy show. I think sports are only worthwhile if they are beautiful like sports, but I’m sorry for the athletes who have struggled so much, but please don’t get hurt and try your best until the end,” she said, encouraging the disappointed athletes more than anyone else.

Taehyun of TOMORROW X TOGETHER answered a fan’s question, “Brother, did you see the Olympics? He added an angry emoji saying, “Is this right? He added an angry emoji.

RM of BTS cheered the athletes with cheering stamps such as clapping emoji and thumbs up emoji along with the scene of Hwang Dae-hong overtaking the Chinese athletes. However, after that, BTS’s official SNS continued to receive vicious posts from Chinese netizens.

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