LE SSERAFIM: Miyawaki Sakura “I am an otaku” (with video)

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It has been revealed that Miyawaki Sakura from LE SSERAFIM is an “otaku.”

On the 15th, in a video released on the YouTube channel, Miyawaki Sakura played a game of “lie detector” with voice actor Nam Dohyon. The mission was to successfully detect the lies in five questions, with two or fewer incorrect judgments.

The first question given to Sakurah Miyawaki by the production team was “I am an otaku”. Without hesitation, she answered “I am an otaku” and activated the lie detector game. While she showed a nervous side by saying “this sound is scary,” the lie detector judged that Sakurah’s statement was true.

Nam Dohyon also answered the same question with “I am an otaku,” but his response was judged as a lie. When Sakurah exclaimed, “You’re not an otaku!” Nam Dohyon explained with regret while laughing, “I think I’ll probably get them all wrong. I’m already really nervous.”

On that day, the two of them, both self-proclaimed otaku, talked about various things. Miyawaki empathized with Nam Do-hyon’s words that “there is no reason to love manga, you just like it in itself,” while confessing, “I always gain strength from (reading) manga.”

She revealed that, as someone who has lived a slightly different life from others, she finds the main characters in anime and manga to be cool because they have big dreams and speak about them confidently. She also said that she gains strength from their ability to overcome trials and challenges. Her confession attracted attention.

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