Lee Do-hyun talks about the possibility of “The Glory” Part 3 on Netflix and mentions his own memorable scenes

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Photo = “COSMOPOLITAN Korea” Official YouTube Channel

Actor Lee Do-hyun revealed the famous line spoken by his character Joo Yeo-jeong in “The Glory,” which he portrayed in the drama series.

On the 18th, a video titled “The Glory Lee Do-hyun Zoom Interview” was uploaded on “COSMOPOLITAN Korea” official YouTube channel. In the video, Lee Do-hyun appeared in front of the interviewer the day after she watched “The Glory 2.”

Lee Do-hyun played the role of Joo Yeo-jeong, a doctor who dreams of revenge, in parts 1 and 2 of the Netflix series “The Glory,” and was loved for his intense performance.

When asked, “Out of all the characters you’ve played, which one had the most satisfying styling?” he referred to the drama “Hotel Del Luna” and said, “In this work, which is a period drama, the characters wear Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), which I thought was very cute. Since I don’t wear it often, it had a special appeal. I also thought that owning one or two pieces of modernized Hanbok, which is an arrangement of traditional Hanbok, would be perfect for summer.”

When asked, “What is the most memorable scene or line from ‘The Glory’ from Joo Yeo-jeong’s perspective?” he replied, “I think the most memorable line is ‘I’ll do it. I’ll take the sword and dance the sword dance.'”

He also explained, “I remember having difficulty saying that line. It was like a big mountain for me, so I think that line was Joo Yeo-jeong’s most memorable line.”

When asked about the possibility of “The Glory” Part 3, Lee Do-hyun said, “I think it would be great if there was Part 3, but…” He then added with a smile, “No comment.”

He also showed his love for his dog. Lee Do-hyun said, “I haven’t seen my dog for a while because of my filming schedule. He is now at a dog camp and has become more sociable and lost a lot of weight. I want to see him soon. I have to take him home on my day off. If we can reunite, I want to hug him first and take him for a walk. I was jealous of people walking their dogs during filming.”

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