Lee Eun Sang from X1 will hold an online fan meeting and autograph session on May 9!

Lee Eun Sang from X1 will hold “LEE EUN SANG Online Fan meeting “STORY”” through the video platform FC LIVE on Sunday, May 9.

The first part will be held at 15:00 and the second part will be held at 20:00. This online fan meeting will be broadcasted to the whole world, and comments can be posted in real time.

After the online fan meeting, there will be an online autograph session, where you can tell the audience what you thought of the performance.

In 2019, Lee Eun Sang appeared in Mnet’s boy group survival audition “PRODUCE X 101” and debuted as a member of X1.

The title track of the album, “Beautiful Scar,” which has a dreamy mood, is an R & B hip-hop song that fully expresses his overwhelming and mature charm with the image of a pure and cool boy. The song features Park Woo-jin of AB6IX, one of his senior artists. It was also produced by the talented producers nomad, OUOW, and Rhymer, giving him a perfect start to his new career.

The unique R&B track “Mirage” features Lee Eun Sang’s delicate and sweet vocals, and the remake of the song “노래하고싶어” expresses his honest emotions over a beautiful acoustic guitar melody. We can’t take our eyes off the talented artist as he continues his new journey.

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