Lee Hyori celebrates the 23rd anniversary of her Fin.K.L debut… A certified shot in front of a subway ad: “Let’s be together forever”

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Photo=Fin.K.L official Instagram

Lee Hyori is taking a certification shot in front of Fin.K.L’s poster.

On the 16th, Fin.K.L’s official Instagram posted, “Leader Hyori made a surprise visit to Fin.K.L’s 23rd anniversary electric billboard. The two photos were posted with the comment, “Let’s be together forever.”

In the released photos, she is taking a picture in front of a large poster of Fin.K.L in the subway. Lee Hyori drew attention with her straw hat and natural attire for the authentication shot.

She also caught people’s attention with her innocent charm that she couldn’t hide even though she was wearing a mask.

Prior to this, the members of Fin.K.L also greeted their fans who were celebrating their 23rd anniversary by saying, “Let’s be together for a long, long time.” In particular, Ock Joo-hyun posted a photo of her appearance on JTBC’s “Camping Club” with Fin.K.L members through her Instagram.

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