Lee Ji Hye signed an exclusive contract with Bliss Entertainment

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Photo by. Bliss Entertainment

Lee Ji Hye, a former member of mixed gender group S #arp, signed an exclusive contract with Bliss Entertainment.

She debuted as the lead vocalist of S#arp in 1998, and has received a lot of support with her wide range of sound and refreshing tone. She became popular as a top singer with many unforgettable songs such as “My lips, like warm coffee” and “Sweety”. She also showed her presence as a celebrity with her hilarious talks in many variety shows such as “Infinite Girls”, “Wife of Wonderland”, “Street Supper”, “Clever Consumer Life”, and “Trot’s People”.

After her marriage, she became a DJ on MBC Radio’s “Afternoon Discovery” and returned to work five weeks after giving birth, becoming an iconic “working mother. In August 2019, she started a YouTube channel which has more than 300,000 subscribers.

Today (March 2), an official from Bliss Entertainment said, “Lee Ji Hye is an attractive talent who becomes more solid and deeper as time goes by. We will spare no effort to support her so that her human charm will shine even brighter in the show”.

Bliss Entertainment includes Hong Jin Kyung, Hyun Joo Yeob, Kim Na Young, To Kyung Wan, Hong Hyun Hee, Jae Sun, Kim Sun Hye, Lee Chang Won, and Kim Hee Jae.

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