Lee Joo-Young researches to play a reporter in the new drama “Times”

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Photo = OCN

Actress Lee Joo-Young talked about the serial drama “Times”, which will be her first starring role since her debut.

Lee Joo-Young has taken on the role of Suh Jung-in, a passionate reporter who confronts the truth in a confused time warp in the new Saturday and Sunday original drama “Times” on cable channel OCN.

Lee Joo-Young will be making the first serial drama with OCN. She said, “When I first read the script, I was fascinated by the solid character of Suh Jung-in, which was not seen in previous dramas. Above all, I was attracted to the flow of the drama.” She then said, “I feel that I can create a wonderful work with director Yun Jung-ho, who controls the site in detail and precisely,” he said with confidence in the “Times.”

The understanding and worries about the character were also exceptional. Lee Joo-Young defined to Suh Jung-in, “If you have justice and beliefs that you think are right, you are a strong person who will accept everything and protect it to the end.” When expressing that person, she said, “I am a passionate reporter with courage and relentlessness, and a daughter with a keen desire to stop my father’s death even over time. The character is composed of 2 In order to express the two identities in a well-balanced manner, I am always worried about shooting. “

Lee Joo-Young, who is steadily approaching the inside of a person named Suh Jung-in, has changed her appearance in order to play the role of a reporter. She said, “I changed to a calm hairstyle to show the viewers a different look. I also referred to the clothing style in the process of investigating to deepen my understanding of the profession as a reporter.”

Lee Joo-Young, who has a special love for “Times”, said, “This work is a” time warp thing “and a” political mystery “. It’s also like a” family drama.” She also said, “The seniors I admire are showing off their charms, and it’s full of fun to keep an eye on.” Next, she talked about co-starring with the actors.

Finally, she encouraged the audience, saying, “I want you to look forward to ‘Times’, which is full of highlights and will make your precious weekend night more enjoyable.”

“Times” is a “time warp political mystery” in which Suh Jung-in, who was connected to reporter Lee Jin-woo five years in the past by phone, confronts dangerous truths to stop the death of his father. “Times” will be aired in Korea from 10:30 pm on February 20th.

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