Lee Joon-gi selected as a cover model for China Magazine! Fascinates fans all over the world

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The January issue of the Chinese fashion magazine “WAVES Mancho”, which is covered by Lee Joon-gi, has been released. Last year, he gained a lot of attention for his outstanding acting ability and visuals, which remained unchanged through the drama “Flower of Evil”.

Lee Joon-gi, delivered emotions and fun at the same time with a particularly horrifying dual role and a sad melodic performance, attracing fans in Asia, Europe, and the United States beyond Korea and showed off his strong global influence. Therefore, the news that he was on the cover of the January 2021 issue of a Chinese fashion magazine has attracted the attention of many global fans and is raising expectations for the Korean wave activities that will continue this year.

In the January issue of “WAVES Mancho”, you can see Lee Jun Ki’s gravure looks, which is so attractive that it cannot be expressed in a single word, to candid interviews. In the cut that was released first, Lee Joon-gi creates an atmosphere with a gap that makes him think that he is a different person according to the shooting concept, which attracts his eyes. His appearance, goes back and forth between mysterious and majestic charms just by changing facial expressions and poses, captivates the viewers.

The interview also gives a glimpse of his thoughts as he continues to struggle to look better as an actor. What’s the most important thing as an actor? “I think the time when I feel that the job of an actor is most wonderful when I bring healing to people. I feel a sense and will continue to work hard and become an actor who will not miss any small things”

Photo = “WAVES Manshio”

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