Lee Joon shows off his natural charm… and his well-trained body.

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Photo=”Harper’s BAAZAR” Korea

Lee Joon showed his natural charm through the fashion magazine “Harper’s BAZAAR”.

Lee Joon finished filming the drama “The Silent Sea” and stood in front of the camera of “Harper’s BAAZAR” for a short time before filming his new movie “Starfish”.  He is known as an exercise fanatic, and his natural and sexy appearance that shows off his healthy body was well received by the staff.

Lee Joon, who will have a busy year filming dramas, said, “People ask me, ‘What have you been doing lately? But I have never taken a break. I’ll be on the show for six months next year. and then people will ask me why I keep coming back, and they’ll say I’m not diverse enough,” he said.

He continued, “I like to decorate and clean my house alone. I feel like it purifies my mind. I recently moved into a new house and did the interior design, and the people at the construction company have such clear tastes that I wonder why. I put only one bed in the bedroom, but I didn’t put it there, I dug up the floor to make it look like a jacuzzi,” he said.

The gravure and video shot with Lee Joon can be seen in the May issue of “Harper’s BAAZAR” and on the website.

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