Lee Min Ho & Lee Seung Gi collaborate on YouTube! The work process of the song is released “Because Seung Gi is good at singing …” (with video)

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Photo = YouTube channel “Lee Min Ho Film”

Actor Lee Min Ho visited NELL’s Kim Jong Wan’s workshop for a video collaboration with friend and actor Lee Seung Gi.

On the 21st, a video titled “Lee Min Ho x Lee Seung Gi x Lee Minho EP.3” was released on Lee Min Ho’s official YouTube channel “Lee Min Ho Film”.

In the video released, Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi visited Kim Jong Wan’s workshop to greet him and then talked about the song “The Dreamers Dream”. Lee Min Ho explained the background of choosing Lee Seung Gi’s solo song “The Dreamers Dream” by Kim Jong Wan and the background of the collaboration with the video, “Natural sensibility and easy sensibility. I want to make it a drifting arrangement. Seung-gi is good at singing, so I feel like it will grow a lot. ” In response, Kim Jong Wan replied, “I don’t think the song will change if you play the piano. Still, the impression of rock is less.”

Lee Min Ho said, “When Seung Gi sings this song, his emotions are too strong. I like that unreleased song. I want to take a picture of Lee Seung Gi.” Lee Seung Gi’s video of singing in a relaxed atmosphere Was shown to Kim Jong Wan. Lee Seung Gi replied, “I can’t sing this song weakly. Imagine you shoot the sobbing scene without sound.” Even so, Lee Min Ho said, “Oh, it’s a soundless sob,” but he didn’t give up, saying, “In that natural and easy-going atmosphere, if you sing with that expression, it will really shine.”

He added, “I didn’t want to do that with my emotions because the song itself lives in an uncertain day.” Kim Jong Wan said, “If you lower the key, the berth will be lowered and your facial expression will be easier.” Lee Seung Gi suggested the idea, “I think it’s better to make this song minimal with an arranged version. The original song is a piano, but the impact of the instrument is strong in order to create a new atmosphere.”

Then Kim Jong Wan started playing “The Dreamers Dream” with his guitar. Lee Seung Gi sang a song to Kim Jong Wan’s guitar performance. Lee Min Ho said, “I think it’s okay to reduce the pain a little,” and asked him to relax and sing. Lee Seung Gi replied, “I will try.” Kim Jong Wan encouraged Lee Seung Gi, saying, “Drink a lot of alcohol before singing. People who are good at singing are the most difficult to sing properly.”

You can check the collaboration video of Lee Min Ho and Lee Seung Gi on the YouTube channel “Lee Min Ho Film”.

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