Lee Se-young challenges to make up like the main character of “True Beauty” … The transformation a hot topic (with video)

Photo = YouTube “Yong Pyong TV” screen capture

comedian Lee Se-young, has had double eyelid surgery and tried to make herself look like Lim Joo-kyeong from “True Beauty”.

On January 21, Lee Se-young posted a video titled “After Double Eyelid Surgery,” True Beauty “Ju-kyung Makeup” on her YouTube channel “Yong Pyong TV”, which she is operating with a Japanese-Korean half-lover.

Lee Se-young said, “I really like the web comic” True Beauty. “Recently, thankfully,” True Beauty “was made into a drama, and I will be the MC for the production presentation.” I promised to make the content before the end of “Advent”, but I will finally make it today, ” she said, and released a scene in which the character of Lee Se-young in the web comic appears.

She did the make-up in order. “Many people ask me if I go to dermatology, but I do it about once every two months. I’m going to get rid of dead skin cells,” she said.

She then said, “I was absent from home for two weeks after having double eyelid surgery. I had them recommend this and bought cosmetics.” “It’s difficult to find a makeup method when it’s doubled. I always draw thick lines, so it’s awkward to draw thin lines and the eyeliner also gets thicker,” she explained.

After finishing all the make-up, Lee Se-young appeared in a dress similar to the one worn by Lim Joo-kyung in the web comic. Lee Se-young said, “I tried to set my hair, but I’m going to stop. I tried my best with Joo-kyung’s clothes.” “I wanted to have voluminous hair, but I couldn’t get acquainted with it,” she said. I got angry.

Lee Se-young, confessed to recently received double eyelid surgery and attracted attention.

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