Lee Se-young & her half-Japanese half-Korean boyfriend’s YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers: “I’m always grateful.

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Photo=Lee Se-young Instagram

Comedian Lee Sae-yong celebrated the 300,000th subscriber of her YouTube channel, which she runs with her half-Japanese, half-Korean boyfriend.

On the 12th, Lee Se-young wrote on her Instagarm, “YPTV has finally surpassed 300,000 subscribers! I’m always grateful to everyone who registers and supports me,” she wrote and posted a photo.

In the photo, she is looking at the camera with her boyfriend.

In 2018, she and her half-Japanese half-Korean boyfriend opened a YouTube channel called YPTV, where they show a variety of contents such as daily life, comedy, and surprise comedy. In particular, she attracted attention earlier this year when she revealed details of her double-eyelid surgery.

Her Youtube channel can be found Here

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