Lee Seung Gi & Lee Hee Jun appear, the third preview video of the new drama “Mouse”

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Photo = tvN
Cable channel tvN’s new moonlight drama “Mouse” (Screenplay: Choi Ran, Director: Choi Junbe) Mouse is a “Human Hunter Predator Pursuit Drama” and a third preview video was released which invokes horror at different levels.

“Mouse,” will be aired for the first time at 10:30 pm on March 3, in South Korea.

Lee Seung-gi, plays the role of police officer Jung Balm, who despairs in the face of a “special incident”. Lee Hee-joon, who plays the role of detective Ko Muchi suspenseful in this cat and mouse drama.

The production team said, “In the third preview video of Mouse, we tried to incorporate the emotions of the people surrounding the mystery incident and the original story of with an impactful production.

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