Lee Seung Gi talks about his recent situation after announcing his marriage: “I received support from people who didn’t like me.”

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Photo=OSEN DB, “GQ Korea”

Lee Seung-gi showed his love for his girlfriend Lee Da-in.

In a recently released photogravure and interview for the March issue of “GQ Korea,” he talked about how he felt about his marriage announcement, saying, “I feel calm and unconcerned. I decided to get married a long time ago,” he said. “From the moment I decided to do it with my girlfriend, I felt very comfortable. She has worked very hard by my side, and I really love her. But I was very nervous when I wrote the letter,” he confided.

Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in are planning to hold their wedding in April. Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Soo-geun will be the officiants, and Lee Juck will sing the celebratory song.

When asked, “How does love change Lee Seung-gi?” He answered, “It gives me more courage and confidence.” he answered, “I have a clearer reason not to retreat, and I am more determined to finish the job without giving up.”

Lee Seung-gi, who recently donated 5 billion won, also said, “The other day, I flew overseas in economy class. In the past, I often flew economy class when there were no seats available. But people said to me, ‘It’s amazing that Lee Seung-gi donated 5 billion won and flew economy class,'” he said. It was very comforting to receive support from people who weren’t interested in me and didn’t even like me.”

Lee Seung-gi is currently working as an MC for the JTBC variety show “PEAK TIME” and confessed his feelings to his fans before his wedding…He also sent a message in Japanese, “Please watch over me with a broad heart.”

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