Lee So-yeon & Choi Yeo-jin starring, new drama “Miss Montecristo” main poster released

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Photo = Ubiculture, Mayqueen Pictures
The poster of “Miss Montecristo”, in which two women give off a strong aura, has been released.

KBS 2TV’s new daily drama (serial drama broadcast from Monday to Friday) “Miss Monte Cristo” (Screenplay: Choi Yeo Won,) which will start broadcasting in South Korea on February 15 as a program after “Secret Man” (Director: Park Ki-ho) has released a main poster that hints at the dramatic fate of Lee So-yeon and Choi Yeo-jin, and has drawn attention.

“Miss Monte Cristo” tells the story of a woman who was threatened with death by her believing friends and decided to take revenge and regain her uprooted life.

At the happiest moment in life, Ko Eun-jo (Lee So-yeon), who is on the verge of death, and Oh Hara (Choi Yeo-jin), who grew up as the only daughter of the emperor group, are heading for catastrophe. It is expected that the fate of women will be divided and a sense of tension will be delivered throughout.

The poster released this time shows Lee So-yeon sitting in a gorgeous antique-style king chair reminiscent of the Queen’s seat and Choi Yeo-jin holding her hand.

The contrast between intense red and ruthless blue suggests a dangerous relationship between the goddess of revenge, Ko Eun-jo, and the incarnation of desire, Oh Hara. In particular, Lee So-yeon’s hands wrapped around Choi Yeo-jin’s neck gradually tighten her, creating a suffocating tension.

Above all, Lee So-yeon is staring at the front with a keen eye. Choi Yeo Jin has a dignified eye, but she seems to be unable to hide her anxiety, stimulating curiosity about the story of the two women who have become the most dangerous enemies from being irreplaceable best friends. “Miss Monte Cristo,” hides a tremendous secret and will start broadcasting on KBS 2 TV on February 15.

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