Lee Yoo-bi, engulfed in controversy about being a troublesome guest

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Actress Lee Yoo-bi shared updates on her current activities after attending her sister, actress Lee Da-in’s wedding.

Actress Lee Yoo-bi / Lee Yoo-bi's Instagram
Actress Lee Yoo-bi / Lee Yoo-bi’s Instagram

On April 9, Lee Yoo-bi posted a short video on her Instagram along with the message “7-man Escape”, promising her return to her main profession.

In the video, Lee Yoo-bi is shown waiting to film at the ‘7-man Escape’ waiting room from the upcoming SBS drama. She poses and makes different facial expressions while holding her phone in front of a mirror.

She also showed off her cute charm by letting her bangs down.

Lee Yoo-bi poses in the waiting room.
Lee Yoo-bi poses in the waiting room.

Earlier, Lee Yoo-bi drew attention by wearing a unique fashion choice at her sister’s wedding to actors Lee Da-in and Lee Seung-gi on April 7.

Lee Yoo-bi appeared in a tweed, hot pink two-piece with matching pink mini bag, which was an unconventional color for a guest to wear at a wedding. Guests usually avoid wearing white, the same color as the bride’s dress, and instead choose bright suits or modest clothing to highlight the bride, who is the star of the event.

A photo of Lee Yoo-bi's guest look at Lee Da-in and Lee Seung-gi's wedding. / Online community TheQoo
A photo of Lee Yoo-bi’s guest look at Lee Da-in and Lee Seung-gi’s wedding. / Online community TheQoo

However, Lee Yoo-bi’s excellent fashion sense showed even on a regular day, and she also stood out as a guest by wearing a different dress from others at her sister’s wedding.

Some criticized her for wearing overly extravagant clothing that didn’t match the venue and labeled her a ‘problematic guest’.

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo-bi is set to appear in the upcoming SBS drama ‘7-man Escape’ in the second half of this year. It is garnering attention as it is written by Kim Soon-ok from ‘The Penthouse’ series.

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