Lee Yoon-ji’s concerning statement? Concern over her Instagram post: “I regretted it so much…”

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Photo: Lee Yoon-ji Instagram

Actress Lee Yoon-ji has been receiving concerns from her fans for her concerning comments.

Today (12th), she left a post on her Instagram story feature saying, “After all.

It was followed by “I really don’t like it. In the end after saying so much. I’m going to have another problem by the end of the day. I really shouldn’t have to regret it again after regretting it so much, but ……” and “I’m really, really sorry. I’m so sorry, baby,” she said, invoking curiosity.

Prior to this, on the 10th, she wrote, “Fire alarm malfunction, a really valuable experience. Thank you for allowing me to write this text. I would like to suggest that all of you who will be watching this should once run a simulation in your mind and organize a manual. My heart was pounding more than I thought it would with my two children in tow. Please make sure you organize your manuals.

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