“Lightsum” to debut on June 10 , 2021

Release date announced

On the 27th, the name of the single “Vanilla” and the release date (digital: June 10, 18:00, physical: June 11) were announced.

LIGHTSUM ” is a new girl group from Cube Entertainment and the first to be released in 3 years since (G) I-DLE. Consisting of 8 members including 3 members from “Produce 48” (Chowon, Nayoung, Yujeong).

Character film: Chowon, Nayoung, Jian

On the 12th, the character images of “Han Cho Won”, “Kim Na Young” and “Jian” were released.

Character film: Sangah, Yujeong

On the 10th, the character images of “Sangah” and “Yujeong” were released.

Character film: Hina, Huiyeon

On the 6th, the character images of “Huiyeon” and Japanese member “Hina” were released.

Character film: Juhyeon

On the 4th, the character film of “Juhyeon” who is the main dancer is released.

Debut trailer

On the 3rd, the debut trailer video was released.

Trailer: Intro

On the 30th, the intro video of the debut trailer was released.

Profile: Group

On the 23rd, the group profile video and photos were released. The positions of each member were also revealed.

(Position in the group)
Chowon: Main Vocal
Nayoung: Main Vocal, Lead Dancer
Jian: Rapper, Sub-vocal
Sangah: Rapper, Lead Dancer
Yujeong: Sub-vocal
Hina: Sub-vocalist
Huiyeon: Sub Vocalist
Juhyeon: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

LIGHTSUM is Cube’s first new girl group in about three years, since (G)I-DLE. The group consists of eight members, including three members from “Produce 48” (Chowon, Nayoung, Yujeong). Scheduled to debut in the first half of this year.

Member disclosure # 4

On the 22nd, members “Yujeong” and “Hina” went public. Of the two, Yujeong participated in “Produce48” as a CNC trainee. Hina is from Japan and is now 18 years old.

Lee Yu Jeong


Member disclosure # 3

On the 21st, members Kim Nayoung and Huiyeon were revealed. Kim Na-young appeared as a trainee belonging to Banana Culture in “Produce 48” broadcast on Mnet in 2018.

Kim Na Young


Member disclosure # 2

On the 20th, members “Han Cho-won” and “Jian” were revealed. Of these, Cho-won is from “Produce 48”.

Han Cho Won


Member disclosure # 1

On the 19th, Cube Entertainment started to reveal the members of the new girl group, LIGHTSUM, for their debut.

The first members to be revealed are Sangah and Juhyeon, both of whom are from the KBS idol revival project “The Unit.”

LIGHTSUM is currently preparing for their debut in the first half of this year. (G)I-DLE’s sister group ‘LIGHTSUM’ to debut – Logo video & Twitter, Instagram launched)




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