Lim Young-woong writes to apologize for the smoking scandal

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The image that started the uproar

Popular trot singer, Lim Young-woong apologizes for smoking in a non-smoking room

Popular trot singer, Lim Young-woong, posted an apology regarding the alleged smoking in a non-smoking area & NO mask fiasco.

I’m sorry for hurting and disappointing my fans. I should always have a sense of responsibility, but I was immature. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience this incident has caused you.

I will learn from this incident, reflect on it, and strive to grow. I will take your comments and suggestions to heart.

Thank you very much.

The image of a well-liked young man who is the nation’s son-in-law

According to a source in the office.

For several years, Lim Young-woong has been using e-cigarettes that do not contain nicotine for several years. He used them (even indoors) because he thought that those that did not contain nicotine were “not cigarettes.

However, from now on, he will make sure to not use them indoors at all.

In addition, some people have pointed out the “lack of quarantine compliance” on the part of the production team for this action.

With the recent controversy, Lim Young-woong’s popularity as a trot singer as well as her solid and refreshing image as a beloved “son-in-law of the people” has been pointed out as a deterioration of her image.

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