Limited release of “Dingga -Japanese ver.-” performance video that MAMAMOO showed on Nippon Television’s “Sukiri”!

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Today (2nd), Mamamoo became a hot topic when they made their first appearance on Japanese television in the “WE News” section of Nippon Television’s . The performance video of “Dingga -Japanese ver.-” was shown and was so popular that they decided to suddenly release it on YouTube for a limited time.

The program appearance is a remote appearance that connects Korea and Japan. The undecorated characters of the four members were broadcasted live for the first time, and was a strong and memorable appearance, including the performance of “Dingga -Japanese ver.-” for the pre-recorded program.

During the program, each of the four members livened up the studio with their own stories and talks, and the live song of the Japanese cover of “Nada Sōsō”.

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