‘LUCA: The Beginning’ Kim Rae-won Reveals Psychic Powers at Cult Prayer Center

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*This article contains content related to the drama’s storyline.

Photo=”LUCA: The Beginning” broadcast screen capture

Kim Rae-won used his super power in front of people in “LUCA: The Beginning”.

Kim Rae-won revealed his psychic ability on tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “LUCA: The Beginning” which aired in Korea on Wednesday afternoon.

Faced with the danger of his secret being revealed, Choi Jin-hwan (Kim Sang-ho) called Kim Yoo-chul (Hwang Jae-yeol). He planned to kill him, but his heart became weak and he couldn’t kill Yoo-chul in the end.

The next day, Jin-hwan submits his resignation. When Yoo-chul learned of this, he kicked the desk in his office. Jin-hwan continued to call his wife in front of the prayer house, and told her not to open the door when strange people came. He also grabbed a gun and sneaked into the prayer house to meet Hwang Jung-ah (Jin-kyung).

While Jin Hwan was hiding among the congregation, waiting for an opportunity, Jio (Kim Rae-won) slowly approached Jung-ah, who was giving a speech on the platform of the prayer house and a man lunged at Jung-ah, shouting “phony” at her. At that moment, electricity flashed around the man and he was popped out. Gio had used his psychic powers.

Jong’a bent his knees toward Gio, and the cult members greeted him with impressed looks.

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